Druids are people of the forest, loremasters and nature guardians.
Most druids live alone in deep woods, seeking an inner understanding of their
magic. They do not like staying in the cities with large populations. Being simple
people they enjoy the company of trees more than anything, and many also have a
deep connection with woodland animals Most Druids maintain ties in a
brotherhood with other druids. Small groups of Druids may meet to perform
Mystical rituals, but most importantly: to gather their strength for the purpose of
defending their forest, to ensure growth and to rid it from Horror influence.
     Druids are deeply spiritual and many become questors of Jaspree later in life.

Personal visions:

Nature is the most important factor in a Druid's life, anything that disrupts the
balance of Nature or corrupts it in any way can transform a Druid, from a peaceful
and quiet character, to a towering figure in a wild battle fury. Some Druids have
had severe traumas seeing their forest being corrupted by unnatural forces. Still
most Druids are rational and try to solve a problem without rushing into anything.
A typical talent crisis for a Druid would be to witness such an incident and not
being able to do anything. Similarly, any action a Druid makes, which affects
nature in a negative way, would result in a talent crisis, the degree of all such talent
crises would be left at the Gamemaster's discretion.
     Druids use half-magic when tracking, navigating or otherwise moving in
forests. Druids often receive aid from friendly wood spirits when performing those
     Most Druids take pride in preserving their discipline and therefore rarely
choose a secondary discipline. Also, most Druids find all they want on the path
they have chosen. Those few that choose other Disciplines usually end up studying
the Beastmaster or the Nethermancer discipline. Some bitter Druids, seeing their
forest fall to Horrors, have been known to venture on the path of the Horror


Druids generally are not very skilled at enchanting, nor do they care much for the
art at all. Druids have a great respect for True Wood, and might make small items
or weave some in their staffs, if they ever get hold of such rare material.


On the other hand, Druids are renowned for their skills in alchemy.
Even though most have no real Alchemy shop, they make the finest potions in
Barsaive using natural equipment, such as clay, wooden cups and jars. To
represent this Druids have all their Alchemy tests reduced by 2, and start off with
an Alchemy skill at rank 1. The skill is gained during initiation.


Spirits are very important to the Druids, a mutual understanding is a good Name
for the relationship between most spirits and Druids. Especially Wood spirits tend
to be more friendly towards Druids than other summoners.
Many Druids enjoy the company of Woodland spirits, and will often seek
council of old Wood spirits as well as keeping spirit familiars.
Druids learn the Willpower based half-magic test for spirit trapping at fifth circle.


Advancing to a new circle can be very tough for a druid.
Since it is a very rare discipline indeed, high circle teachers are hard to find, and
most teachers put students to hard tests, to see if they are worthy of the training.
Those few druids who accept silver, charge 3 times as much as normal cost, but
most will give their student a hard task to fulfil instead of payment. However, once
they have accepted the student, they are most willing to teach knacks and spells.
Druids craft their grimoires in thin, solid wooden plates.
     Despite the great demands, druids view each other as kindred, and maintain
a great trust amongst themselves.

Important Attributes: Perception and Willpower.
Racial Restrictions: Obsidimen and Trolls.
Karma ritual: The druid must be in a forest or jungle, far away from noise and
people.The Druid will sit there until he spiritually becomes one with the forest.
Once he has achieved this peace, he will rise and take a deep breath, feeling the
forest within himself.
Artisan skills:Wood carving, Music.

First Circle


Karma Ritual
Read & Write magic*
Spell Matrix
Druidism (Thread Weaving)*

Second Circle


Creature analysis
Spell Matrix
Durability (4/3)

Third Circle


Spell matrix
Cat's paw

Fourth Circle

Karma: Druids may use karma on any actions using Perception only.


Spell matrix
Melee Weapons

Fifth Circle

Blend: Druids can blend in Woodland and forests like the spell. Strain: 2.



Sixth Circle

Spell Defense: Increase spell defense by 1.


Animal Possession
Enhanced matrix

Seventh Circle

Initiative: Druids gain +1 on initiative step.


Sense Poison*
Hold Thread

Eigth Circle

Plant talk: Druids may use plant talk, like the spell. Strain 4.


Astral sight

Ninth Circle

Recovery: Druid gain +1 on the recovery step and one more recovery test per day


Armored matrix
Detect falsehood

Tenth Circle

Power of nature: For the cost of 2 strain a druid may either:
1. Grow an magical herb for use in potions.
2. Grow a tree, or a plant larger and stronger.


Plant shelter*

Eleventh Circle

Spell defense: Druids gain +2 on spell defense.
Physical defense: Druids gain +1 on physical defense.


Thoughtful expression

Twelfth Circle

Social Defense: Druids gain +1 on social defense.
Initiative: Druids gain +2 on initiative step.


Enhanced matrix

Thirteenth Circle

Spell defense: Druids gain +3 on spell defense.
Karma: May use karma on any action using Willpower only.


Share matrix
Moving earth

Fourteenth Circle

Physical defense: Druids gain +2 on physical defense.
Spirit servant: For the cost of 2 permanent damage a druid can summon a
woodspirit from a tree or a plant at his service.
The spirit will be blindly loyal.


First ring of perfection

Fifteenth Circle

Social defense: Druids gain +2 on social defense.
Recovery: Druids gain an extra recovery test per day.


Confront Horror

*=Discipline talent use.

Spell list:
Druid spell lists are at the Gamemaster's discretion almost the same as the
Use spells associated with illusions, spirits, plants, earth and wood. Druids do not
generally use spells with fire involved, since they view the element as destructive
to their beliefs. They generally use more spirit-like combat spells.