Faceless Assassin - Minor Horror

DEX: 12           STR: 8              TOU: 7
PER: 10           WIL: 7              CHA: 7

Initiative: 18            Physical defense: 14
Number of Attacks: 2Spell defense: 12
Attack: 15 (Jagged dagger)Social defense: 10
   Damage: 20 + PoisonArmour: 10
Number of Spells: 1Mystic Armour: 6
Spellcasting: 23Knockdown: 10
   Effect: 25Recovery Tests: 3
Death Rating: 70Combat Movement: 150 (flying)
Wound Treshold: 15 Full Movement: 300 (flying)
Unconsciouness Rating: 70
Karma Points: 15Karma Step: 8

Powers: Horror Mark 14
   Spell defense/Step: 10
   Onset: Instant
   Duration: 5 Rounds

Legend Points: 2400
Loot: Jagged crystal dagger. Damage step 12 + dark green poison. Is actually a Crystal Entity.

The Faceless Assasin horror, bears the shape of a humanoid being, clad in a large flowing
black cloak. It has long arms with large grey hands and long, bony fingers. Its body is small,
and it has very short legs, which looks like it is dressed in black breeches with black boots. It
has just a dark shadow, where its face should be. It never makes any sound of any type, it does
not speak, nor makes any sound when moving or fighting. Therefore it will always succeed
on moving in on a character without making noise, and the character will have to make a
perception (20) to notice it, with normal penalties applying for perception tests in the dark.
        Faceless assasin is a very effective and cunning horror, it aims to kill, not to torment
like many other horrors. It is especially keen on killing those who are renowned of fighting
horrors or fighting for life and prosperity in general. Hand of Corruption often summons these
and lets them loose, or even sends them after particular targets. The horror tracks its victims
by horror marking them, often by moving in astral space, and then emerging close by its
victim. The assasin will not return to Astral Space again, before the victim is dead. Then it
will return to Astral Space automatically, and then continue to find other victims.
        In combat a Faceless Assasin will surprise and backstab their victims, since they are
soundless in every way. It will fight normally as long as it has the upper hand, when about to
lose it will try to flee and hide using its camouflage ability. When using the camouflage
ability, the horror will blend in the background, very effectively. It has to hide either in a
shadow or in darkness in general, though. Therefore the Horror always attacks at night or
evening. To camouflage the horror rolls a spellcasting test against a difficult number based on
the terrain and enviroment which it is in, the effect represents the difficulty number needed in
order to spot it.
        A Facesless Assasin fights with a long, jagged crystal dagger, which has a constant
coat of dark green poison. The dagger is actually a crystal entity, so if the Faceless Assasin
should die, it would still have a chance to kill its victim. The crystal entity will wait for the
right moment to attack, using its Karma Tap power as long as it proves beneficial. Then it will
try to kill its bearer. It will ensure that its bearer does not benefit from the weapon in a good
way, but if the weapon is used in evil actions it will help its bearer, and try to taint and corrupt